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Cybersecurity is a big factor to your website’s overall success. Without the proper security measures in place, your website can be easily hacked, leading to many stressful problems which are costly to fix. Below you’ll find the answers to a number of questions that our cybersecurity experts hear when dealing with issues of website security and protection.

My website has been hacked!

What do I do?

If your website has been hacked, you’ll need to act fast! There are many different types of hacks that may have occurred on your website, below are three of the most common plans of attack used by hackers:

  1. Website Defacement: If you visit your website and it’s displaying content that isn’t yours, chances are your website has been defaced. Website Defacement is one of the most severe attacks that can happen to your website. It occurs when hackers find a vulnerability in the system that allows them to modify the code through their web browser, making changes that are visible to anyone who visits your website. This is called Cross-Site Scripting, otherwise known as XSS. For Website Defacement, Green Group Studio recommends our Disaster Recovery Service. This involves our cybersecurity experts going into your website and server to diagnose exactly how the hacker got in, and restoring your website back to normal. We then patch the vulnerability that was used by the hacker to gain access to your website.
  2. Website Redirect: If you visit your website and you get redirected to a website you didn’t authorize any redirects to, your website has most likely been hacked. This is caused by Cross-Site Scripting or MySQL Injection. Depending on how bad the attack is, it could be a moderate to severe fix. For Website Redirect Hacks, we recommend our Vulnerability Patching Service. We can fix the redirect issue and scan and fix your website for any vulnerabilities that our experts find.
  3. Malicious Scripts (Malware): If your website is displaying malicious popups, sending out SPAM, or stealing customer data, chances are you have a Malicious Script on your website. This is caused by Cross-Site Scripting or MySQL Injection. This is very important to fix as it can cause you to get blacklisted by email services or Google, sabotaging your website rankings and totally stopping any emails from being sent out from your domain.

For Malicious Scripts, Green Group Studio recommends our Vulnerability Patching Services. Our cybersecurity professionals will remove the Malicious Script from your website and patch the vulnerability that allowed the hacker to upload the script.

What is Bruteforce?

Bruteforce is the method of automating a login process to hack into a website. Hackers will obtain a large username and password list and automate a program to use the username/password combinations to attempt to log in to a website. This a popular method of attack on Content Management Systems that haven’t taken the needed security precautions.

What is Malware?

Malware is a term for Malicious Software. Malware is a big issue on the web, as website’s can be vulnerable to Malware Attacks. If your website gets attacked by Malware, it will become infected and go into a zombie-like state. Your website, when infected with Malware, can send out Malicious emails, launch DDOS attacks, and much worse. Malware is a huge issue with Content Management Systems that haven’t taken the security precautions to patch vulnerabilities where Malware attacks can occur.

What is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)?

Cross-Site Scripting, or XSS, is one of the most common ways to hack and destroy a website. This method is most typically used with Content Management Systems that use Databases. The XSS is used to upload Malware and other code that can deface websites, redirect websites, and cause many other serious problems.

How do I know if my website is safe?

Green Group Studio offers Vulnerability Scanning that can diagnose problems with your website that have the potential to lead to serious issues in the future. With our Proprietary Vulnerability Scanner, we can provide you with reports on all of the issues detected with your website as well as our plan on how to resolve them. To purchase a Vulnerability Scanning Package, follow the button below.

VulnerabilityScanning Package

My website hasn’t been hacked yet, but I want to make sure it’s protected. What do I do?

We recommend subscribing to our Monthly Maintenance Plan. This is the most effective and cost-efficient way to keep your website secure. Our Monthly Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Real-Time Malware Scanning: Worried about Malware on your website? We offer 24/7 malware scanning and removal with our Monthly Maintenance Plan.
  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning: Get monthly updates on the status of the security of your website with our Monthly Vulnerability Reports. If any vulnerabilities are found on your site, we’ll provide you with a quote on what it takes to fix them.
  • Monthly Website Updates: Is your Content Management System (CMS) or Plugins outdated? With our Monthly Update System, we will update your CMS and Plugins every month to ensure that you have the latest, secure versions of software on your website.
  • Disaster Recovery: If your website ever has a terrible disaster, we’ve got you covered! GGS keeps on-site backups of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly screenshots of your website that can be restored to your web server with just a single click.
  • Advanced Firewalls: With Green Group Studio’s Hosting Services (Hosting Package not included in the standard Monthly Maintenance Plan) we offer advanced web firewall protection that can render your website even more secure than Fort Knox.

To learn more about subscribing to our Monthly Maintenance Plan, click the button below:

MonthlyMaintenance Plan

Other Cybersecurity Services Offered by Green Group Studio:

Vulnerability Scanning & Patching

Vulnerability Patching starts with a Vulnerability Scan. Green Group Studio will scan your website for vulnerabilities that could potentially cause issues with your website. We will then redevelop the vulnerable code with efficiency and security in mind.

Disaster Recovery

Did your website get hacked or crash? We offer Disaster Recovery Services to restore your website to good working condition.

Ethical Hacking

Are you wondering if your website is hackable? Green Group Studio offers Ethical Hacking Services that will put your website to the test. We utilize the latest methods in hacking and execute them in an attempt to gain administrator access to your website, server, or network, allowing us to pinpoint those areas vulnerable to being hacked.

Stress Testing

Does your server or network have DDOS Protection? Want to put it to the test to make sure it can withstand a large scale Denial of Service Attack? We offer Stress Testing so you can see if your server, network, or website will remain online during an attack size of your choice.


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