Invitation Design Services

Who Could RSVP “No” to a Custom Designed Invitation?

When it comes to hosting any type of event or function, an invitation sets the tone and lets guests know what to expect. At Green Group Studio, we have the talent and the skill to create custom designed invitations that embrace feeling and spark interest through typography, illustration, and imagery. Whether you need a Save the Date, invitation, custom place cards, or Thank You letter—our designers can ensure a cohesive feel throughout, so that your event can be uniquely branded to your company or function. Setting the stage with an invitation is the first step in creating a memorable party that will be talked about for years to come.

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Invitation Types

There are many types of events that require an invitation, including weddings, charity affairs, birthday and anniversary parties, business functions, graduations, outdoor festivals, networking events, and conventions (just to name a few). Regardless of the type of event you're throwing and its theme, our design professionals are experienced with creating various types of invitations—from fun and illustrative, to sophisticated and formal.

Invitation Creation & Decoration

Paper stock and finishing options are an important consideration when designing an invitation. With so many selections to choose from, picking the right ones can quickly become overwhelming. Below is some cursory information regarding paper stock and finishing options.

Paper Stock Options

Selecting an appropriate paper stock for your invitation plays a big part in its overall effect. The rule of thumb for invitations is that the more formal the event, the higher the paper stock you want to choose. However, paper stocks not only come in a variety of weights, but they're also available in a variety of textures and colors. For an expensive looking and feeling invitation, we recommend linen paper no less than 80 lb.

Finishing Options

The finishing elements you add to your invitation are what will really make it POP! Whether you're looking for a stylish matte finish, durable glossy coating, or flashy metallic ink, the choices are virtually endless. For more information on finishing options, head over to our Business Card Design page.

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Digital Versus Printed Invitations

Whether you'd prefer the ease and speed of a digital invitation, or the formal feel of a printed invitation, Green Group Studio has a team of web and print design professionals that can do it all.

Digital Invitations

Digital invitations offer a variety of advantages over printed, including speed, cost, and animation. If you're planning an informal event like a birthday party or a trade show, sending out digital invitations allows you to quickly reach a large number of people at a fairly low cost since you can send them out instantly to an unlimited number of people, avoiding printing and shipping costs. Depending on the platform you use to deliver your invitations, it can also make the guest list easier to organize. Utilizing digital invitations also gives you the added benefit of movement, because unlike printed invitations, digital invitations can include custom coding that brings your invitations to life through the use of animation.

Printed Invitations

Printed invitations require a lot more time than digital invitations. From design to printing to postage, printed invitations require a more hands-on approach that increases overall costs. However, these invitations are the ideal choice for more formal gatherings like weddings and charity events. Using printed invitations also allows you additional customization with greater visual impact through the utilization of finishing options like metallic ink and embossing.

Whether you need a custom design for a company function, charity event, wedding, or some other special occasion, we here at Green Group Studio have the skill needed to bring your ideas to life! From gold foil and thick card stock, to interactive and animated, custom designed invitations can have many elements to help effectively set the tone for your event. Call Green Group Studio today at 561-594-7336 to learn more about our custom Invitation Design Services.