Ad Design Services

Whether magazine, program, or billboard ad — we get your message out with style!

Captivating a target audience with a message is what we do, and we do it well. Advertising creates a credible awareness of your product, service, or message. We work with each of our clients to conceptualize a powerful message and visually communicate that message to be attention grabbing and memorable. We help you sell yourself.

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The Ad Design Process

At Green Group Studio, we are often asked what goes into the creation of a print ad. Our ad design process begins with identifying the specific goals for the ad. Are you trying to get customers to call, click, or visit? Is it simply about brand recognition, or is this an ad for a specific product or service?

The next step in the ad design process is to identify the target audience, or demographic, of the ideal customer. Is your company business-to-business or B2C (business-to-consumer)? Are you trying to reach out to a specific gender, and how old is your ideal prospect? What are their interests? Are they members of an organization or professional association? The answers to these questions vary by industry and company, and is only a single part to a customized process consisting of many more qualifying questions.

Once we have the goals and audience for the ad nailed down, we begin brainstorming concepts. Is there specific imagery that comes to our mind, or perhaps something our client is hoping to see? Is there creative copywriting that needs to be produced? At this stage, concepts are thrown at the wall to see what would be an ideal fit to best position the company in an eye-catching ad. Not only do we find that different clients have different needs, but we also find that they have different expectations. Some clients have the ability to visualize conceptual sketches, and enjoy seeing them early on, while others prefer to only see refined or completed ads. These preferences are discussed at our creative meeting, so we can be sure to provide exactly what our discerning clients expect.

Repetition is Key

Repetition is key :) Just as you would want to send out a direct mailer multiple times, multi-page ad campaigns can also be used to demand more attention and evoke a double-take from viewers. After all, it is about getting noticed! A great ad campaign often consists of a series of ads that are all interrelated by using the same theme. From multiple ads shown in one publication that relate, to sequential ads utilized throughout different publications, let the professionals at Green Group Studio design your next eye-catching ad campaign. Give us a call at 561-594-7336 to set up a creative strategy meeting today!

Palm Beach County Ad Placement Services

In addition to designing a beautiful ad that gets results, we can also help you with ad buys and media placements. As with most marketing, repetition is key - you wouldn't want to send a direct mailer only once. Consistency in front of prospective customers in various publications and media is critical to ensure brand recognition. Different publications each have their own demographics, and our marketing experts can help identify the best markets and publications for your business to gain additional exposure. Whether it’s a magazine, newspaper, billboard or TV ad, our experts can put together a customized media-buy campaign to give your business or product the attention it deserves.

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