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With email newsletters and marketing, reaching out to consumers has never been easier (or greener!). At Green Group Studio, we offer email newsletter and marketing services to help your company build and maintain relationships with your current and future customers.

We’ll start by designing and performing the initial setup of an email template that is customized to match your company’s branding. If you’d like to create your own e-blasts on an ongoing basis, our experts can show you how to modify and edit your customized email template. Green Group Studio can also help you distribute your e-blast, as well as track its performance with open, view, and click-through rates.

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Email Marketing Platforms:


Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, a startup business owner, or a marketing pro, MailChimp offers all of the tools businesses need to send email newsletters, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to customers. Additional benefits include:

    • Simple email marketing software (EMS)
    • Various options for designing, sending, and saving email templates
    • Easy creation of newsletters of varying types
    • Free for users with a mailing list of up to 2,000 contacts
    • Easy sharing of newsletters on social networks like Twitter and Facebook
    • Free A/B testing and in-depth report generation
    • Simple split testing and segmenting of your lists
    • Seven mobile apps available so customers can manage email lists on their mobile devices

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software provider that aims to help small businesses and non-profit organizations. Constant contact targets smaller companies that typically don’t have marketing or IT departments, and therefore need a little extra help. Constant Contact offers the following advantages:

    • Easy, effective, and affordable email marketing solution
    • Allows customers to create interesting and well-presented content


VerticalResponse focuses on providing a suite of self-service marketing solutions for small businesses. VerticalResponse believes that their product can empower small businesses and nonprofit organizations by allowing them to create, manage and analyze their own marketing campaigns. Some of the features offered by VerticalResponse include:

    • Responsive templates
    • One-click social media sharing to Facebook and Twitter
    • Email signup forms
    • Auto responders
    • A completely integrated survey tool that is easy to manage and track, and free for the first 25 user responses
    • VerticalResponse Knowledge Base which contains user guides, video tutorials, and FAQs


Clickback is a cloud and user-based email lead generation software company. Their top priority is to help B2B customers accelerate their lead growth by allowing them to send emails to their cold contacts or purchased list, which comply with CAN-SPAM requirements. Benefits of working with Clickback include:

    • Over a decade of experience refining the art of targeted email marketing for B2B lead generation
    • The world’s first email lead generation software

What are Opt-In Lists & Why They Work

An opt-in list refers to the group of individuals who have specifically requested to receive promotional emails from a company. Unlike spam promotional emails that get sent out to large lists of recipients without regard to whether or not they want the information, opt-in emails are only sent to those people who specifically request them.

Thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, opt-in emails are often personalized to a user’s tastes and carry information about specific products/services and promotions that they have historically showed interested in. For example, if a user frequented a website that sold books online, that user could "opt in" to receive announcements when his favorite author has released new material. The promotional email may even present the recipient with a special promotional offer to purchase the product at a discount available only to those on the opt-in list.

Opt-in lists are effective tools that obtain results as companies know that they’re sending targeted information and offerings to customers and potential customers who have already expressed interest in a specific topic, product, or service.

The Pros & Cons of Using Purchased Leads

What would you do if your team suddenly ran out of leads to market to? Purchasing leads from a credible lead provider is one way that you can obtain the contact information of potential customers. However, just like purchasing any product or service, there are pros and cons to purchasing leads.

The Pros

    • There is no shortage of lead providers
    • Lead lists can provide qualified sales leads on demand
    • Lead providers have a database of qualified sales leads for almost every type of industry
    • Purchasing qualified leads saves companies time

The Cons

    • Depending on what kind of industry your business is in, or what kind of information you would like to obtain, the overall cost of leads can vary significantly
    • Leads are not always perfect; chances are that only 10-20% of purchased leads will become your clients
    • Some lead lists can be old
    • A majority of lead lists are available for purchase by an unlimited number of companies

Before purchasing any leads, you should know where the contact information came from, the processes involved in qualifying them, and how long the leads have been available for purchase. Always remember when purchasing leads that you should only target the market that is most suitable to your company and its offerings.

Need help finding leads? Green Group Studio understands what to look for in order to find the leads that will bring in the great ROI. Call us today to consult with one of our experts at 561-594-7336.

Mobile-Friendly Content

The email marketing landscape is constantly changing. As such, businesses need to keep up with the trends in order to ensure that their emails are designed with the latest practices in mind. One of the most important practices for email newsletters is mobile-friendly design.

Growing Audience

When emails first made their way onto mobile devices, the initial uptake was poor. However, technology has now advanced to the point where reading an email on a mobile device is easier than reading an email on a desktop computer. With the growing popularity of alternative mobile devices like tablets, not only are MORE people viewing email newsletters on their mobile devices, but there are now MORE devices on which to view them.

Customers Like Mobile Friendly Emails

How many times have you opened up an email newsletter on your mobile device, only to get frustrated because you could only see a portion of the image? Research shows that people like easy-to-read emails on their mobile devices. If email newsletters aren’t mobile friendly, they often get deleted right away.

Companies that optimize their emails for mobile devices increase the likelihood that viewers will read the whole email, download speed, and click-through rates (CTR). Creating mobile-friendly e-blasts also reduces the overall size of the email.


Green Group Studio also offers Responsive Web Design and Mobile App Services. Call and speak with one of our web design professionals today!

Animated E-Blasts

When email marketers want to utilize motion in e-blasts they use animated GIFs. But why is the use of animated email is increasing? To stand out of course! Below are some of the pros and cons of using animated e-blasts.

The Pros

Stronger ROI

A recent A/B test performed by BlueFly found that animated emails bring in 12% more revenue than their non-animated counterparts. Similarly, a case study by Marketing Sherpa showed a sales increase of 49% for a campaign using animated GIFs compared with a standard campaign that took place the previous year.

Optimizing Space

Email marketers must use a relatively small amount of space to highlight products, special offers, and CTAs, as well as to increase click-through rates to hosted videos. Smart email marketers use animation to encourage scrolling in exceptionally long emails.

The Cons

The most relevant compatibility issue with regard to animated emails is how they render in Outlook 2007. Unfortunately, only the first frame of the animated GIFs are displayed in Outlook 2007. So just in case, you’ll want to communicate your message in the first frame whenever possible. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the size of the animated GIF (in kilobytes) can negatively affect the speed and order of which your images are displayed.

Whether your company needs an e-newsletter designed, created, distribute, tracked, or all of the above, Green Group Studio’s in-house team of web and graphic designers can do it all. Call us today at 561-594-7336 to learn more about our Email Newsletter and Marketing Services.