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Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Marketing.

With the emergence of virtual reality (VR) and its resulting popularity, more and more companies are expanding their marketing efforts to include the more personal and immersive experience offered by VR Media. VR uses a computer rendering to create simulated environments that place your customers in a virtual world that showcases your products or even specific locations. As one of the only graphic design companies in South Florida with experience in creating VR Media, Green Group Studio knows how to bring your company's marketing efforts to life.

VR Media Real EstateApplications

VR applications include immersive cinematic experiences for promotion, virtual tourism of foreign lands and local homes, new forms of gaming, and simulated tools that make designing for the real world more efficient. With the right solution to match your company's goals, VR media is an incredible way to transport your customers into an experience that will set your company apart from the competition.

Virtual Reality & Real Estate

The real estate industry is embracing VR by using multiple photos taken at different angles and rotations in order to create a 360° image, allowing the customer to feel like they've entered the room. Having this simple feature allows your clients the flexibility of viewing a property at any time, without having to make the trip there.

Virtual Reality & Product Packaging

VR Media Product PackagingVR can also be applied to product renderings, allowing them to be viewed with great detail in a 3D environment. This helps you better understand and visualize how your product will look before committing to a manufactured version, which can save both time and money. Another helpful element before committing to a package design is the ability to see how your product looks on the store shelf surrounded by your competitors' offerings, allowing you to evaluate how it stands out.

Virtual Reality & Interior Design

Consumers can feel more empowered about their purchasing decisions when they are able to digitally customize and visualize a space or item. Seeing how a room comes together or how a piece of furniture (couch, table, etc.) fits into a space can help consumers put their minds at ease and commit to larger purchases.


Virtual Reality Headsets

As giants like Google, Facebook, and Samsung have entered the VR market, the spectrum of VR headsets has expanded wildly. From low-end options that work with your smart phone, all the way to hardware capable of making you forget where you are, there are now VR options available for every size and kind of business.

VR Media Headset Options

VR Headset Options

When choosing the VR headset for your project, you should know that no matter what you use, the experience can be viewed on both the low- and high-end options. This gives your customers the flexibility to view your project on their preferred headset with only slight variations than when viewed on different headsets.

There are some noticeable differences when comparing the Google Cardboard (low-end), Gear VR (mid-range), and Oculus Rift (high-end). For example, the Google Cardboard runs off your mobile phone and uses lower-grade optics while the Oculus Rift connects to a high-performance PC and is very high in quality. The difference between the various VR headsets is how likely you are to forget that you have something on your head. Although both ends of the spectrum yield great results, it's important to consider the differences in optics, build quality, price, and positional tracking when deciding which headset works best for your particular project.

Interested in learning more about what VR media can do for your business? Call Green Group Studio today at 561-594-7336 for a free consultation with a VR professional.

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