Apparel & Promotional Design

Why Not Put Your Company's Name on Everything?

Marketing your company doesn't have to stop with brochures and business cards. There are many more ways to promote your company for increased exposure. Apparel and promotional items offer a unique method for companies to market themselves both inside the office and outside of it.

If you're interested in having your company's name on t-shirts, tote bags, stress balls, water bottles, blankets, and more, Green Group Studio can make it happen! Call today for more information at 561-594-7336.

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Apparel Design

When it comes to apparel, there are a few elements that have an impact on the overall effect of your design. The primary factor is the size and detail of your logo and overall design, as this determines which application process your company will choose. Green Group Studio's graphic design professionals will guide you through your options in order to find the solution that works best for your company.

Screen Printing for Apparel

Screen printing is the process of burning your design or logo into a mesh screen, which is then used to transfer the ink onto your shirt, sweatshirt, or other apparel item. When it comes to screen printing, there are many options and inks to choose—from standard inks all the way to process (CMYK) printing. Choosing the correct printing service will depend on your design and budget. The most cost effective and durable option is standard printing, which uses plastisol ink that sits on top of the fabric, allowing for rich and vibrant colors. Screen printing on apparel is the preferred option for complex or detailed designs.

Embroidery for Apparel

Embroidery is the process of stitching thread into fabric in order to give your logo depth. While embroidery offers great quality and a professional appearance, it does lack the ability to render fine details. For those companies that want embroidered apparel and have a detailed logo or design, they'll have to simplify or remove some of the finer details for the embroidery to transfer correctly onto your garment.

Promotional Design

From blankets and stickers, to flashlights and Frisbees, we here at Green Group Studio can make your logo stand out while keeping the conversation about your brand going. The promotional industry has thousands of promo items for businesses to choose from, all of which can help boost brand recognition.

Picking the Right Promotional Item

Because there are so many different promotional items to choose from, companies sometimes don't know where to start. Something to keep in mind when choosing a promotional item is the type of customers you will be giving it to. If your company's clients are more executive in nature, you might want to consider everyday office supplies like pens, notebooks, and mugs that will be used over and over again. If your clientele has a more mobile job, you can give out backpacks and water bottles.

The venue where you are passing out your promotional items should also be taken into account as well. If you have a booth at a concert, for instance, you'll probably want to give out hats, foam balls, and koozies.

Why It's Better to be Useful

Marketing items like apparel and promotional products that are useful are probably the best choice for companies whose goal is to increase brand awareness. Everyone has a desk full of promotional pens that they have no idea where they came from, but everyone also needs a pen! These pens can be kept by the same person, or passed around to countless individuals. Items that serve a daily purpose get the most attention as they are used over and over again.

For assistance with choosing the best promo product and creating an eye-catching design, call Green Group Studio today! We can also help with coordinating the printing of your apparel or promotional items, passing on our industry discounts to our clients.