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As one of the best web design companies in South Florida, Green Group Studio specializes in all levels of web design and development—from standard HTML and PHP websites, to Content Management System (CMS) websites and enterprise-level custom web applications. No matter the layout, color scheme, font style, or structure, our web design experts can bring your vision to life.



Green Group Studio’s Web Design Process

Our standard process for designing a new website is as follows:

  1. Kickoff meeting to discuss design and functionality requirements.
  2. For complex websites, develop a flow-chart of usage and/or functionality.
  3. Design homepage mock-up, get feedback from client, revise as needed.
  4. Create cohesive design for sub-pages as needed (based off the approved homepage design).
  5. Program the approved designs and do internal testing (including cross-browser compatibility testing).
  6. Deliver Beta website to client for feedback and any additional revisions.
  7. Complete any requested changes and assist with launch as needed (hosting, marketing, SEO, etc.).


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User Interface

Cohesive Brand

With the explosion of search engines, there's a good chance that your website will be the first exposure to your brand that potential customers see. A good website immediately sets them up for the final sale, whether that's online or off. But your website doesn't live in a bubble. Every facet of your company should present itself similarly, no matter how the customer interacts with it.

For example, when you meet a potential customer for the first time, you typically provide them with a business card or some other marketing material. If your materials look wildly different from your website, or your website doesn't properly reflect the quality of your company, it can be a red flag to potential customers. They could think that they've ended up at the wrong website, or worse, think that the inconsistency is a reflection of the product or service they were looking into.

We recommend that your entire brand image is considered when building your website. If it's your company's first website, or your website is getting a redesign, it can be a perfect time to reevaluate your marketing goals. Whether your website is a customer's first or last stop in their purchasing process, it needs to reinforce what they'll experience for the rest of the journey.

Purchased Templates Vs Custom Templates

All modern websites are built around "templates". These are re-usable pieces of code that are used in conjunction with a Content Management System. They allow the content of the requested page to be injected into a predefined layout, instead of hand-crafting every page.

Purchased Templates

When budgeting for a new website or a website rebuild, the first consideration is usually if the website will be a custom or purchased template. There are thousands of pre-made website templates available online; most for less than $100. While purchased templates are a way to cut costs, these templates are not very customizable. If the template you're considering isn't spot-on, both in visuals and features, the time it takes to customize may negate the savings.

Adding custom-coded features and visuals into a purchased template often takes 2-3 times as long as those that were built into a custom template. As you can imagine, it only takes a few of these changes to cause costs to skyrocket.

Custom Templates

If a purchased template isn't going to cut it, your website's template will have to be entirely custom coded. What this means is that your website will be built from the ground up to match your brand and deliver requested features. This allows for far more flexibility in layout, and can make introducing new features in the future much easier.

Custom templates do cost more than purchased templates, but that introduces its own benefit: focus. Keeping the scope of a website narrow to meet a smaller budget means that you'll have to focus on pages and features that make a difference. Key pages get the polish they need to sell customers on your business, while features are tested and refined to work simply and effectively. A template that wasn't tailored to your business from the start wouldn't have that, no matter how much money you put into it.


Web Animations & Interactivity

The best websites have the feel of a good mobile app, where scrolling, tapping, and swiping always feel great. Those actions are how consumers communicate with a website, but the website doesn't always communicate back. A click may take you to another page, but what happens between the click and displaying the new page can make a world of difference. Something as simple as an animated change in color, a visual pulse, or any kind of transition will make your site feel alive. It may seem like a little touch, but including dozens of little touches like these can make the difference between a good site and a great one.


Website Facelift or Rebuild?

We often have clients with existing websites ask whether their websites should be upgraded or their content transferred over to a new website. The decision between a website "facelift" or rebuild is simple. If there are inherent technical barriers keeping you from achieving your online goals, it's time for a new site.

While each scenario is different, facelifts are typically recommended to preserve existing custom programming or when minimal editing of the content is needed. For example, adding/changing some copy or menu items. Often times, a redesign (with keeping/tweaking the existing content of a website) is better done in a new CMS framework—allowing for the ability to edit and upgrade an underperforming website.


Green Group Studio is a full-service, boutique-style agency with in-house web design and development professionals. This means that we understand the importance of every facet of your company's online presence. We don't believe in having to choose between a functional or beautiful website. Call us today at 561-594-7336 for your free web design quote.

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