That famous quote “You can’t please all of the people all of the time,” has been the Pandora’s box for marketers everywhere, and it’s true, you can’t — however, by using content decisively, either directed to your target audience or through a message for the masses, you can tailor-make a marketing strategy that works for your business.

To be a considered thought leader in the industry, or to create a tribe of loyal customers, you need to provide a stream of valuable, consumable, fresh content. Do this, and they’ll flock to your pages for new insights, the latest news, and your offerings. Neglect feeding the insatiable need for new, your audience will lose interest and seek to fill this desire someplace else.

The Intimacy of Niche — Micro-Marketing

Niche Marketing or Micro-Marketing is about trust. It’s about not only knowing your audience but actually building a relationship or hopefully a tribe of raving fans.

The key to target marketing is knowing your audience. What are they thinking, feeling, reading and talking about? Where do they shop, do they have a family, what’s their income, how do they spend their free time? What do they think about themselves, how do they want to be seen by others?

“When writing about specific content, you can write about topics within your industry — it doesn’t have to be keyword specific,” said Allen Borza, CEO Green Group Studio. “Google’s algorithm is getting a lot more sophisticated, and it’s no longer writing about specific keywords, but an industry.”

Keyword stuffing is definitely out. Instead, real niche marketing aims to speak directly to a specific group. Marketing campaigns are custom made to hit them in their hearts and minds by deeply understanding their habits and desires.

In creating content or writing blogs, it’s important to speak their language, understand their pain points and show them how your product or service can solve them.

Content also keeps the conversation going. These conversations are designed to build that intimacy, which goes a long way in establishing and maintaining a relationship.

A Little Something for Everyone – Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing is the stuff of large firm and established brands. It is more concerned with how production processes and purchasing patterns are related.

In one regard, it’s considered to be lower risk than niche marketing because you don’t have to concern yourself with getting into the psyche of your audience and getting that just right.

However, Mass Marketing can fail just the same if it doesn’t appeal to that mass audience and there are pitfalls to consider such as various geographical locations, changes in the market environment and the higher cost of trying to get that message out to the masses.

“Whether you are selling a product or service — or selling to a business or consumer, do your homework as to what your audience is looking for,” said Borza. “To see examples as to what is trending, you can take a look at Google trends. You can see if a certain keyword or search term is being searched more or less frequently.”

The Basic Formulas

• Target Marketing + Building Relationships = Conversion • Mass Marketing + Mass Appeal = Traffic

A Balancing Act Made Easier if You Know Your Audience

“Planning content is actually planning traffic for your website While broad content can have a mass appeal, that same content is not likely to be specific to your customer base — especially if you are B2B,” said Borza. “By focusing on hyper-specific content, your content can reach a very relevant base — your customer base. There is still SEO value to broadly appealing content if it is giving you traffic. However, you need to mentally categorize that content as, “traffic generation,” not necessarily “lead generation” traffic. By creating content that is useful to prospects and customers, you create trust — and ultimately, business.”

Marketing with Green Group Studio

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