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Customers finding your website shouldn't be a coincidence.

The first page of Google results receives over 90% of all search traffic!

Let that sink in.

More than Ninety Percent of traffic isn't going past the first page. In fact, the first 3 listings in a Google search get over 60% of the clicks!

Our in-house experts can help you climb the rankings and get quality traffic.

Local Listings Affect Your Rankings

Did you know that your business ranks better if you have local listings such as Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, Fouresquare, etc? We are a Certified Yext Business Partner, and can help you automate these listings with an annual subscription at rates too low to advertise. Check how your current listings stack up.

Our Website Optimization & SEM Services Provide:

  • Higher Search Engine Rankings: Our Clients commonly report higher "natural"/"organic" (non-PPC) positions on major search engines. Build a strong foundation of natural listings for your website by establishing a portfolio of high rankings in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other top search engines!
  • Consultations with Search Engine Professionals: You will be assigned your own personal SEO staff member, and a team will be assigned to your account depending on the service level you sign up for.
  • Initial Website Evaluation: Our 360° approach encompasses all of the vital elements that should go into the planning of an online marketing campaign, from a comprehensive site assessment to keyword popularity research and reporting.
  • Optimization of your Website: We customize your page architecture and content to establish and enhance your presence in your online market niche.
  • Monthly Reporting: Green Group Studio offers monthly reporting—regular email updates that detail the status and achievements of your marketing campaign.

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What is SEO & SEM?

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are strategies used to increase a website’s rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, increasing the amount of traffic to that domain. SEO is comprised of "on-page" optimizations while SEM focuses on "off-page" results (link building) that include directory listings and blog posts on related websites that drive traffic to your website. We ensure that your website code is easily readable by search engines, and that the content is structured in a way that meets best practices. Beyond our optimization packages, if you need your own company's blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Pinterest accounts managed, we also provide Social Media Management Services as well.

White Hat SEO

The terms White Hat and Black Hat SEO come from cowboy movies, where the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black ones. For search engines, White Hat SEO simply means that you agree to abide by the rules, or the terms and conditions, imposed by search engines and to build the website's rankings in a natural way. Until recently, a variety of techniques were used in order to achieve the first page of Google, but with the roll out of Panda and Pinguin, Black Hat techniques are now penalized and sites will end up in the sandbox, where they won't be able to rank anywhere near the first pages of Google.

Our services include 100% White Hat techniques, on-site or off-site, from content marketing to social media management.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Our recovery services recover websites from Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon. As part of our recovery strategy, we conduct a comprehensive audit and create a customized plan that involves up-to-date optimization strategies to restore your rankings.

Why All Businesses Need SEO

Search engine optimization increases your web ranking with online search engines and is an important part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Having better visibility in search results allows customers to find your business at the very moment they're searching for your services. This is called "inbound marketing", and it is the inverse of "outbound marketing" which includes (among other things) sending out mailers and attending trade shows. With outbound marketing, the best your business can do is narrow your recipients by location or possibly demographic—leaving you with very little insight as to their need for your products or services. By using SEO for inbound marketing, the people visiting your website have already identified themselves as being in the market for what you provide (by using a search engine and typing in keywords related to your company). Proper SEO campaigns are about harnessing the power of this qualified traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Our website optimization strategy focuses on two important factors: people and search engines. While the main objective of a website should never move away from taking its users from point A to point B, making a website readable by search engine crawlers is essential for proper indexing. Many other factors are taken into consideration through on-site optimization phases to ensure the ranking prerequisites are met to reach maximum ranking potential.

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

When it comes to your website’s search traffic, there are two types: organic traffic and paid traffic. In both cases, you will need to invest either time or money to see first page rankings.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is based off of the visitors to your website that find you online without clicking a paid ad. Organic results in search engines are based off of a multitude of weighted factors. For discussion purposes (and because they're the biggest search engine) we are going to reference Google Search, but this logic can be applied to all SERPs.

Just some of the factors include: The proper coding of the website, the relevancy and uniqueness of your content, that amount of traffic your website receives, the amount of social sharing and social shares of your pages, the number of links to your website—as well as the quality score of those websites.

Essentially, it is a popularity contest of both content and best practices. The weight of these various ranking factors changes over time as Google attempts to provide the most useful and relevant results at the top of a search page. Of course, there is a shroud of secrecy surrounding the exact algorithm, so it is changed over time to keep it from being exploited, as well as to refine better results and penalize "black hat" (bad) SEO practices. Content Marketing and regular blogging are integral to ongoing organic rankings. While it is possible to blog and do social networking with little to no SEO knowledge, this is something that is best left to professional writers, so getting good organic rankings isn't necessarily as "free" as it sounds in comparison to paid traffic.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a method of bringing visitors to your website via ads that you pay for. The most common is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) with Google AdWords, where you set a predetermined budget for your selected keywords that display your ad, and you only pay when your ad is clicked, then directing the visitor to your website. While a well-constructed and supervised campaign can bring in very profitable traffic, there are many poorly structured campaigns that fall victim to the many pitfalls of PPC.

Local SEO services

Local Listings, the Backbone of your Organic Campaign

Boosting your local listings is a huge part of organic SEO. A Google+ page will help bolster your local listings and give you the coveted map pin. However, there is so much more to optimizing your profile presence online. In order to address multiple accounts at once, Green Group Studio offers Yext's local listing services to all of our SEO clients at-cost (even cheaper than when you get it from Yext directly). This is because we believe their product to be the most efficient way to create (and edit) dozens of local listings like Google+, all on one interface. How many different local listings are there? You can check out your own website’s listings here. In addition to being helpful for new companies, older companies can benefit as well, especially if they have any previous addresses as Yext also has an option for "duplicate listing suppression". While this plan costs a bit more than the standard plan, it has the added functionality of ensuring your accounts all have the proper contact info and that outdated accounts will be suppressed.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a specialized kind of online optimization that increases visibility for businesses interested in ranking for geographically-related keywords. A large part of Local SEO involves ranking in the local algorithms, as well as ranking well in the organic results for local keywords.

Get Listed on the Top Local Search Engine Data Providers

Local SEO is an essential component when doing search engine optimization for a business. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, provide localized search results using geographically-related keywords. In many cases, localized search results are more effective if someone is using location specific keywords, for example pizza places in West Palm Beach. To better control the data, Google created "Google Places" and Bing created "Bing Places". However, local data providers are still used in the algorithm to help calculate the real value of a company and to provide better localized search results.

What our Local SEO Services Offer

Our Local services offer businesses an opportunity to get listed on the top search engine data providers. It's optimized to compete for good rankings on local search results and increase organic rankings. Our search engine optimization plans are included in our advanced packages or as an additional, separate service.

Audit Your Current Local Listings Here


While SEO campaigns are—by nature—an ongoing process, there are some one-time fixes that Green Group Studio can do to help bolster your visibility. Most of these fixes are centered around optimization of code and images to ensure that your page load speed is faster (one of the ranking factors used by the SERPs). Additionally, we’re often asked to make existing websites responsive (more info here) a, and this helps to rank your website higher on mobile searches. Other things we do include (but are not limited to): one-time optimizations of pages, including their headers, formatting, keywords, alt tags, and sitemap creation, setting up a SSL certificate, setting up and configuring local listings, and social media page customization. If you are interested in giving your business’ website a facelift, or simply looking to boost your visibility, call Green Group Studio today at 561-594-7336.

SEO Packages

Green Group Studio offers a multitude of SEO plans designed to fit different budgets and goals, from start up to enterprise-level plans. If you're interested in seeing our standard SEO plans, click here or call (561) 594-7336 to speak with an SEO professional to help determine your needs and ideal budget.

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