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Perfecting the Science of Branding | Cell Science Systems

Cell Science Systems is an FDA-inspected and registered specialty clinical laboratory that develops and performs lab testing in immunology and cell biology. Their tests provide patients with personalized treatment options for the prevention of chronic disease. Cell Science Systems enlisted the web and print professionals at Green Group Studio to create one of a kind marketing materials—online and off.

We have been working with Green Group Studio since early 2011. Allen, Clara and the entire Green Group team are wonderful. They have provided us with beautiful and creative designs, web development solutions, and creative guidance that has been simply invaluable.
Executive VP, PreviMedica - Lifestyle Medicine & Nutrition, Deerfield Beach, FL

Marketing Material Design

The Green Group Studio team made sure that the marketing materials (folder, trifold, sell sheets, booklets, etc.) designed for Cell Science Systems had a high-end look and feel while remaining easy to read by maintaining a nice flow throughout the copy.


Website Design

When designing Cell Science System’s website, we wanted to exude a clean and professional feel while keeping the user interface simple and easy to navigate. The homepage consists of a dynamic, yet non-distracting, background of lab technicians and medical professionals, while the foreground text gives site viewers navigation options. For the mobile version of the site, the design follows a more linear layout and the navigation menu is condensed to an icon (top left) that expands when clicked.


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