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Brewing Up Branding | Brew2u

The vision of three young men attending FAU, Brew2u was created to offer fellow students and the community at large a safe way to obtain alcohol while keeping them off the road by utilizing a delivery service. Green Group Studio was tasked to create a website that would standout by utilizing stunning imagery and a user-friendly ecommerce platform.


A Website That Goes Where Customers Do

When designing the ecommerce platform, our primary goal was to create an easy-to-use site that allowed customers to find exactly what spirits they were looking for, coupled with a straightforward checkout process available on both desktop and mobile devices.


Information Inspiration

Brew2u offered local business owners a way to sell and distribute their products without having to invest in the technology needed to place and complete orders. In an effort to further inform potential store owners about Brew2u’s delivery services, Green Group Studio was asked to design an educational brochure. The brochure tied in the same elements and stunning images used throughout the website to keep the branding consistent across the board.


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