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About the Brand

Nostalgic America (NA) is a magazine distributed throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties, with a readership of 250,000, catering to Baby Boomers. It focuses on the nostalgia of the decades past; specific categories include entertainment, Americana, culture defining moments, and sports. NA works with world-renowned companies like Getty Images, National Geographic, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and more. The publication is printed on high quality paper and offers a collectable coffee table book.


Our Goal

One of the primary goals was to create a site that didn’t need constant upkeep and that wasn’t just a carbon copy of the print magazine. The project sought to provide the client with an easy to use content management system (CMS) where their internal team could interact with the necessary database of images, text and video. GGS worked closely with Bruce Berns, NA’s Publisher to ensure the transition of the brand’s image to the digital space, with a goal of reaching a wider audience while also holding on to their core audience of Baby Boomers.


Features & Capabilities

Our web team was given the challenge of creating a custom-coded, user-friendly website that was easy to maintain. GGS created a proprietary database system that allowed NA’s team to easily manage multiple types of content. The code pulled from the database to populate the site on a daily basis, creating a site that is not only highly optimized but also constantly changing. This fresh content encourages repeat visits and daily interactions for its ever-growing user base. GGS also added a system for verifying video integrity of  YouTube videos to ensure that they meet specific quality standards.


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