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The best customers are the ones already searching for you.

The fastest way to get to the top of the Google (and other search engines) is via pay-per-click (PPC). PPC has the distinct advantage of allowing you to choose specific search terms, and geographic locations to receive web traffic from qualified visitors. Selecting the right keywords (and, just as important — the right negative keywords) is a large part of a successful PPC campaign — which is where we come in. We’ve even developed our own custom keyword aggregation tool to aid us in laser-targeting our clients' customers. When it comes to SEO and PPC, there is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits-all solution. Let's plan your future business growth together.

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Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Strategy

Target the right visitors, exclude the rest. It sounds like a fancy elitist party, but when you are paying for everyone's admission, being discerning with your “guest list” is critical. We take the time to learn about your company, and your customers in order to identify the right words a prospective customer uses to search online for your products/services.

Once we have your ads in front of the right audience, we also ensure that the messaging of the ads also filters/screens out unwanted traffic. This keeps you from paying for “bad” clicks. We then ensure that the ad messaging is also reflected on the landing page where the user clicks through to visit your website.

We not only analyze your business's offerings, but we also optimize how they are displayed on your website so that when you get more traffic, they are more likely to become a customer.

In short: Analysis → Development → Testing → Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Account Management Services Pricing

Pricing and info (PDF)

Pricing will vary depending on your ad distribution, click budget, and billing options. Please contact us at (561) 594-7336 for a consultation and custom quote.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

For many businesses, pay-per-click makes financial sense for the following reasons:

  • Campaign Budget Control: Allows companies (even with small budgets) to limit their cost per day, and per click.
  • Level the Playing Field: Market nationwide, regardless of the size of your company.
  • Campaign Optimization: Our experienced consultants will review all of your campaign data in order to track and optimize campaigns, ads, keywords, and phrases with the aim of increasing conversions.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Campaigns are tailored to each companies’ unique needs, making it possible to laser focus campaigns for specific niches or target markets locally, nationally or worldwide.

Pay-Per-Click Pitfalls

There are many common PPC pitfalls that poorly managed campaigns seem to have in common. The biggest pitfall is directing traffic from an ad to the homepage of your website. This is where dedicated landing pages come in. A dedicated landing page is a web page that is custom tailored to receive web traffic from a specific search term that you will be paying for with your PPC campaign. It has been proven that when a person visits a webpage that is specifically tailored to their search term, you have a better conversion rate and page relevancy score from Google. This means higher rankings in your campaign and better overall conversions.

Negative Keywords

Another common pitfall is not setting up a "negative keyword" list. A negative keyword is a search term that you designate where your ad will not display if that search term is used in conjunction with keywords that you have. For example, if you are a mechanic, you may want to have ads for the search term "car repair". However, unless you set the proper negative keywords, your ad may come up under search queries that would not provide relevant visitors, such as "do it yourself car repair." This is just one small example of the many scenarios that unnecessarily burn through SEO budgets.

Proper Campaigns

A third pitfall is not setting up proper campaigns. Ideally, you’ll have different SEO campaigns set up that are specific to groups of search terms. For example, if your company offers business magazines and books, you’ll want to have a separate campaign for each. This will allow you to custom-tailor your ads to the specific service versus grouping items together. This becomes even more powerful when you have proper landing pages for each campaign. Campaigns should have sets of ads relating to the groups of search terms for that campaign. As part of our Pay-Per-Click Services, we evaluate the performance of these ads on an ongoing basis and replace less successful ads with new ones regularly. Essentially, it is ongoing course-correction that allows Green Group Studio’s SEO professionals to maximize your ROI.

PPC for Small Businesses

All too often, our experts hear from small business owners who have lost tons of money in PPC campaigns that weren’t properly managed and/or optimized. Our team is here to ensure you get the maximum return from your online marketing budget with PPC marketing.

Why Small Businesses need a PPC Expert

Sometimes, out of necessity, small business owners attempt to fulfill all of the roles in their company. Unfortunately, that takes you away from your company’s core business. Efficiently optimizing an online marketing campaign is a very tricky and risky task that can lead to a loss or gain of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, services like Google's "Express Ads" set up customers for failure by not providing the proper tools in their interface designed for beginners. One example of this is the inability to create negative keyword lists in the stripped-down interface. With our professional in-house team steering your campaign, you can stop the bleeding and start focusing on what’s really important, doingwhat you do best!

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