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8461 Lake Worth Road, Suite 227
Lake Worth, Florida 33467, USA
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Branding the Art of Handling | Bellissima

Bellissima offers extreme care when packaging, crating, shipping, and installing irreplaceable works of art and exquisite antiques. Our team was commissioned to create a unique identity with an emphasis on modern art. We achieved this look using bold brush strokes, modern fonts, and eye-catching colors.


Crafting Corporate Identity

From the brushlike script font, to the bold colors, Bellissima’s corporate identity was crafted to reflect the artisan nature of both the services they provide and the artwork they handle. The back of their business cards have playful brushwork that leaves the audience wondering if the background paint is pink on black, or vice versa.


Marketing Materials

The branding was carried through to their marketing pieces by featuring upscale black and white imagery, with a pop of Bellissima pink to add vibrancy and intrigue. The brochure features Bellissima’s “art of handling” precious antiques and works of art, while the sell sheet goes into detail regarding the diverse services they offer. From art installation and deinstallation, to secure, climate controlled storage, Bellisima provides white glove services that are second to none.


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