First celebrated in 1993, World Water Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly to spread the word and explore our options surrounding the world’s water crisis. Their theme for this year is all about wastewater: how we can reduce and reuse wastewater, and the major impact this can have in our homes, cities, businesses, lands, and more.

At Green Group Studio we LOVE the environment and any and all things eco-friendly, so it’s no coincidence that our founders birthdays are on two of the most important, environmentally friendly holidays! Allen Borza was born on Earth Day and Clara Mateus on World Water Day.

Keeping with this year’s wastewater theme, we put together some information about how you can reduce and reuse wastewater to make a major impact on the environment.

Why wastewater?

Clean water is a limited resource, something often forgotten in first world countries where we have unhindered access to unlimited amounts of clean water. But not everyone is this lucky and with rising populations and global demand, fresh water is a resource that should be used judiciously.

Most of today’s wastewater is untreated and returned right back to the environment, but there’s so much more we can be doing with this wastewater instead of wasting freshwater! For example, fresh drinking water doesn’t need to be used for things like municipal washing, crop irrigation, or industrial cooling.

Reducing the proportion of untreated wastewater while increasing water recycling and safe reuse could impact every area of our lives and the world surrounding us including health, clean water and sanitation, energy, sustainable cities, life below water, and life on land.

Why care about wastewater treatment?

We’ve gone over just a few of the different ways treated wastewater can be used, but how does that impact you specifically and our country as a whole? Improving wastewater treatment and setting up safe systems for reusable wastewater will require new infrastructure and businesses, creating a new niche in the market for new, green jobs.

Global demand for water is expected to grow by 50% by 2030! By finding new ways to reduce and reuse wastewater, we will create a more sustainable society and way of life to hand off to our children.

Public health depends on access to safe water and sanitation, especially for those in poorer communities. By reducing and reusing wastewater, we are making our cities safer and healthier for every living thing.

World Water Day is important to us at Green Group Studio, and we do all we can to help keep our environment as clean and natural as possible. Click here to learn more about World Water Day, or here to donate to Charity Water, or here to read more about how Green Group Studio goes green.