Brochure Design Services

Because business cards don't let you brag enough!

A brochure can be a very effective tool in convincing prospects that you are the company that best fits their needs. Corporate and custom brochure design establishes credibility and trust by allowing you to stand out from your competitors. Having your information in one piece that prospects can take with them reinforces your advertising message and allows for another touch point for brand awareness. We offer design services in tri-fold, bi-fold, folder, e-book, and all other custom designs.

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Why Companies Use Brochures

Brochures are a great way to tell your target audience about your business, products, and services. They are more compact than a booklet, but more informative than a pamphlet. Brochures can be used to entice an already active audience to learn more about a particular topic or offering (think of your doctor’s waiting room), or they can be given away as a part of your company’s marketing package at tradeshows, meetings, or conferences.

Brochure Folding Options

There are many options when it comes to folding a brochure:

  • A gate fold brochure can have two to three folds. With two folds, the outer two quarters fold in towards the center. If the gate fold has three folds, it would then fold one more time down the middle.
  • Tri-fold brochures fold twice into three equal parts, with the first section overlapping the third section when closed.
  • An accordion-style brochure folds like an accordion (hence the name) with every fold going in the opposite direction as the one before it.

Accordion folds are a great option for brochures that outline multiple topics because each fold can be viewed as a separate, informative element whereas gate folds offer a more dramatic reveal of the contents within.

Does your Company Need More Than a Brochure?

If the amount of content becomes too much to fit into a brochure without sacrificing the integrity of the font size or visual aids, then you may want to consider a booklet form to showcase your marketing or information. Learn more about Green Group Studio’s Booklet Design Services HERE.