Corporate Identity Design Services

Identifying Opportunities to Impress Your Customers.

At Green Group Studio, we believe in the importance of distinction. With our Corporate Identity Package, achieving just that is only a phone call away. Your corporate identity is how consumers communicate with your company. Creating a strong, consistent, and functional brand image is essential to attaining recognition, credibility, and respect. Whether you want bright and bold, clean and sophisticated, or something in-between, our Corporate Identity Design Services are sure to meet your needs.

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GGS Corporate Identity Package

Designing a logo is only the first step in creating a cohesive corporate identity. At Green Group Studio, we offer a Corporate Identity Package that will give your company an overall look and feel that is consistent with your brand across the board.

Our Corporate Identity Package includes:

Taking advantage of our Corporate Identity Package can actually save you money in the long run. Rather than paying a la carte pricing for each individual service, you can pay one lump price for all of the services together, saving you $60!

Corporate Identity & Consistency

Your corporate identity should be consistent no matter where your name is displayed. From your packaging and social media, to your website and logo, all of your marketing efforts should display a similar look and feel that represents how your company wants to be viewed by consumers, competitors, and investors.

Corporate Identity & Social Media

All too often, we see companies that seem to have forgotten that their accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are just as important as their other online presences. Make sure that your company is consistently presenting itself by having social media graphics custom made to match your website and other branding items. Call 561-594-7336 to learn more!

Pantone Colors for Your Corporate ID

Pantones, also known as PMS or Pantone Matching System, is a standardized color matching system that uses specific numbers for each color inside a Pantone book. When utilizing a Pantone color for your corporate identity, you can be certain that the color(s) you choose will be the color(s) printed out on your final design—no matter what you're printing on. If your logo has a gradient and you decide to use multiple printers, you will inevitably have color variations due to the different printing processes each printer offers. In other words, Pantones are the best option for keeping your brand colors consistent.

Your company's corporate identity is more than just a logo and stationery, it encompasses everything that a consumer sees, including your website, app, and promotional items. Don't set your company back with an inferior corporate identity that looks like it was made from an online template, or worse, from a sub-standard design agency. At Green Group Studio, we take the time to discuss your history, current placement in the market, and where you want to be in the future in order to create and develop an impactful corporate identity. To learn more, call us today at 561-594-7336 and ask about our Corporate Identity Services!