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Whether you need a login system that allows your customers to sign up and purchase products (ecommerce), or something more robust that integrates with your billing or inventory control system, the web development pros at Green Group Studio are here to help you! We don’t just create functional sites, but ones that are equally beautiful and easy to use. By taking advantage of the most up-to-date technology and security protocols when working on any project, we help turn your ideas into useful tools for years to come.

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Content Management Systems

We understand that by utilizing environmentally-conscious practices today, we are helping to create a better tomorrow. This is why we like to offer our clients eco-friendly printing alternatives like vegetable and soy-based inks, as well as recycled, SFI, and FSC certified papers.

Short Printing Runs Done In-House

Green Group Studio offers our clients printed proofs for color tests and full bleed mock-ups (full-sized and scaled). We also offer package design mock-ups and small printing runs up to 20 prints.

What is the difference between open source & custom CMSs?

Open Source CMS

Unfortunately, there are some downfalls to using open source content management systems. Open source means that everyone has access to view the code, as well as the ability to manipulate it to see if they can find a vulnerability that will allow them to hack into it. This means open source content management systems will always have vulnerabilities.

The upside to open source CMSs is that they have large communities of developers who come together to develop tools that can benefit your website. This also means that there are many developers who work together to identify the vulnerabilities and patch them and release updates for your benefit. Open source content management systems, such as WordPress, also have SEO capabilities that will greatly improve your search listings.

Custom CMS

Custom content management systems have all the bells and whistles open source content management systems have, but don’t require developers to constantly release new tools and updates in order to keep your site safe. Custom CMSs are created by a developer, web agency, or enterprise that will not release the code under any circumstances. This is a both a big pro and a con. The pro is that the chances of a custom CMS getting hacked are very low compared to an open source CMS. The con is that most custom CMSs don’t allow you to edit any of the code, as they’re all proprietary. This means that unless you want to ditch your entire website and start over with an open source content management system, you will have to stick with the company that made your custom content management system.

Special Functionality

Do you need to add a system to your website that you cannot get a plugin or script for? No worries, we develop custom systems and functions that can help your business thrive!

  • Directory Systems - Interested in adding a member directory or team directory system to your website? We can help with that! Our web developers are experienced in creating corporate team directory systems with additional customizable options like search functions and A-Z ordering.
  • Login Systems - In need of a membership system/portal with a login system? At Green Group Studio, we provide custom-developed login systems that are made using only the highest standards of security.
  • Custom Integrations - Do you have two systems that need to be connected together? We offer integration solutions that can make your life, and web experience, a whole lot easier! Our experts can take any system and enable it to communicate with another web-based system. This can be useful for combining registrations or avoiding duplicate entries in a database.

Integrating & Automating Business Processes

  • Ecommerce - Are you ready to open the doors to your online shop? Brew2U-Ecommerce-WebsiteAt Green Group Studio, our web developers can integrate the ecommerce system of your choice into your existing website, allowing you to sell your goods or services locally, and globally! To learn more about our ecommerce solutions, click HERE.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Is your business interested in integrating customer relationship management (CRM) tracking and forms into your website? We offer full integration solutions for CRMs such as Infusionsoft and vTiger.
  • Offline Systems - Do you have a practice with outdated software that can’t communicate with the web? Green Group Studio offers integration options that allow you to take old medical software and integrate it online to create unique systems such as client and payment portals. We work with the highest standard of encryption in the business to make sure your system is nothing short of HIPAA compliant.

Don’t know what web services your business needs?

No problem! Whether you need web development or web design services, or even help with your online marketing, Green Group Studio has the solutions you need to gain success on the web. Give us a call at (561) 594-7336 to discuss your needs and we’ll come up with a plan that’s uniquely suited to your business’ goals.


What programming languages do you work with?

Our in-house website developers are experts in the following programming languages for web development:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • C#
  • Java

What database systems do you work with?

We have the ability to work with the following database handlers for web development:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Amazon Aurora

What database systems do you work with?

The decision of whether or not to use a framework typically depends on the specifics of the project. If there is no need to use a framework, we tend to stay away from them.

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