As we turn 11, we are humbled by the success we have been fortunate to find as an agency, and as a valued partner to our clients.  The strength and experience of our team and the deep client relationships we have developed over the years is what keeps us strong, inspired and driven to create. 

Companies change over the years, yet we remain dedicated to our core values as a green company that is part of the local community. As we grow, we continue to work with small business owners and give them the same level of care that we give to our publicly traded and government agency clients.

If I have learned anything over the years, it is that companies have similar challenges at every stage of growth; it’s just a different set of problems that need solving. Big and small companies can have the same problems: advertising, leadership, communication, reinventing themselves and pivoting their business or marketing models over the years. We live in an ever-changing economic environment, compounded by the technological and social media changes over the years.

Every company is tasked with keeping pace, and it’s our job to keep our clients ahead of the curve. And this isn’t just with technology or social media use, but the reason and strategy behind it. We continue to challenge the status quo, as well as our client’s perceived solutions to their problems. Often times, a business owner (of any size) will suggest a specific solution to solve X, when the conversation needs to start with “X is our problem, how should we fix this?” Our strength as an agency is providing these solutions with measurable results.

With other companies celebrating 50 years in business, 11 years may not seem like a huge milestone, but for us it is. Not just because we are a small business and put in a lot of hard work and dedication, but because each year brings our business unique challenges that our clients either have faced, or will face – and we are prepared with the knowledge and experience we gain from each client we work with. And there is solidarity in knowing that we are all weathering the same economic waves and smooth sailing that create the journey of business ownership. We love what we do, and are thankful for our clients that enable us to make a living doing what we love!