World Water Day 2014


world-water-day-2014-help-campaignMany of us take for granted the accessibility of clean and safe drinking water. When considering that only 2.5% of the world’s water supply consists of fresh water, this precious resource cannot be overlooked by those living in regions where obtaining water is a job in and of itself. In many areas in Africa and Asia, women and children take on the role of providing their families with their supply of water that, more often than not, is riddled with life threatening diseases due to the lack of sanitation systems. The average four mile journey it takes for person in a 3rd world country to obtain a 40 pound jerry can full of contaminated water is a far cry from our effortless trip to the refrigerator.


768 million people across the globe live without access to safe drinking water, while every 21 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. In order to help combat statistics like these and bring awareness to this epidemic, March 22nd was declared World Water Day at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. For 21 years this holiday has helped to reduce the effects of water deprivation on people living in developing nations. This year’s World Water Day theme is Water and Energy, focusing on the interdependent relationship between clean water production and distribution, and energy creation.

HOW YOU CAN EASILY HELPwater-day-2014-collecting-drinking-water

You too can help to provide desperate families with clean and safe water this World Water Day. Besides the traditional monetary donations, organizations are coming up with even more unique and interesting ways to contribute to the cause.

UNICEF Tap Project

UNICEF has developed the Tap Project that helps children in need all by putting down your phone! For every ten minutes you can go without using your cell phone, UNICEF will donate enough water to supply a child for a day in one of the 100 countries in which they work. Visit to learn more.

Pledge your Birthday to Charity: water

Charity: water has enlisted the help of celebrities like Tony Hawk and Matt Hasselbeck, along with every day activists to raise donations to fund clean water projects in 22 countries. They also have a great website that allow you to pledge your birthday to receive water donations in lieu of birthday presents. To date, 52,230 people have pledged their birthday to raising awareness and monetary contributions.

Water for the World Act

At WaterAid’s website, they implore you to take action by writing to Congress to show your support for the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act. By filling out a simple form, you can relay to your Member of Congress the importance of programs that help to bring safe drinking water and sanitation to all.

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