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Creating websites that support all types of devices.

Responsive web design (RWD) is the most effective solution for correctly displaying a website across devices without having to create multiple versions of your website. This is because responsive websites are developed to react to a user’s behavior and are optimized for any screen size (resolution) including those found on smartphones and tablets. The old method used to require maintaining two separate sites, one for mobile and one for desktop, while today’s responsive themes/templates allow you to maintain a single, centralized website.

Looking to make sure that your company’s web presence can be seen anytime, from anywhere? Green Group Studio’s team of web design professionals are skilled at making websites look good, no matter how they are displayed!


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How Does Responsive Web Design Work?

Simply put, RWD is a method of programming different resolution settings for your website content to re-size to. In many cases, it also updates how certain elements are viewed and where the elements are located on a page.

Technically speaking, responsive web design uses CSS3 media queries like min-width to acquire the user’s data and conditionally provide each device with it's appropriate design. The smaller the resolution on the device, the more the content is pared and scaled down, while specific elements may even be removed from the mobile version (or replaced with more mobile-friendly versions).


responsive web design diagram


What's the Alternative to Responsive Web Design?

The alternative method to RWD is to create separate websites to support each device’s screen size, dramatically increasing the implementation time and overall cost of the project. Another option is to have an alternate "Mobile Template" for your website. However, this method does not account for tablets. To maximize the impact of your website by having it display on all devices properly, we recommend a responsive web design.

Another reaction to the expanding mobile market is to inquire about the creation of an app. Yes, Green Group Studio does offer App Development. However, apps are NOT always the best solution for your online needs. Mobile versions of websites are often a great lower cost solution that is just as effective, but at a fraction of the cost. The best part of having a responsive website is that it doesn’t incur any ongoing fees that many apps charge (for hosting the app, as well as any ecommerce expenses).


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Why Do I Need a Responsive Website?

Mobile and tablet web surfing has already surpassed desktop browsing. Having a website design that adapts to your customers’ web browsing behaviors will help increase your brand exposure, sales, search engine visibility, and reputation. Everyone likes a seamless user experience, and studies show that an easy-to-use website interface converts more customers and engages more people.

How Does GGS Develop Responsive Websites?

Most web development companies use a framework, such as Bootstrap or Foundation. However, frameworks can be bulky and contain a bunch of un-necessary code. Green Group Studio’s web development professionals custom-develop grid systems to make responsive websites for our clients.

The South Florida Web Development Experts

How many times have you tried to view a website on a mobile device and got frustrated that the website design was not optimized? Imagine your prospective customers going through that same negative experience. Let Green Group Studio help you ensure that your web design is up-to-date with the latest technologies, and accessible to all of your current and potential customers.

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