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Whether you own a small pizza shop or work for a Fortune 500 company, we have the web hosting solutions you're looking for. At Green Group Studio, we offer hosting services exclusively for our clients at GreeNetworking, where we have a reliable dedicated server.

  • RAID 1 Redundancy: This means that if the physical hard drive in the server ever fails, you won't lose data because it is simultaneously writing all files to two hard drives for your protection.
  • North American-Based Server: Our server is physically located in a secure data center in Canada with limited exposure to dangerous weather, such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and earthquakes.
  • Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Backups: Set it and forget it (and have a copy in the event that you edit your website and make an "oops!" or are the victim of a hack).
  • Limited Shared Environment: Unlike cheap web hosting companies that put your website on a server with a bunch of other spammers who can bring down your server or hog your system resources, Green Group Studio offers hosting with a limited shared environment.
  • cPanel Environment: Manage your personal account and add/remove email addresses, files, and FTP accounts, as well as access your own backup and database tools.
  • Email, Email, and More Email: All hosting plans offer email accounts with webmail - we also offer setup support for Office 365/Exchange email, which increases email deliverability, while allowing the many benefits of using Exchange. Microsoft Exchange benefits include centralizing your info so that your calendar, contacts and email (inbox and outbox) are the same on all your devices; a "smart" clutter folder that automatically files emails you don't read; and many other benefits.
  • Awesome Technical Support: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be there when you need us. No pointing fingers among web developers, web hosts, domain registrars, and IT departments. If you experience technical issues, we'll take ownership and get them resolved for you.
  • SSD VPS Cloud Hosting: Have a large enterprise or corporation that requires a larger hosting environment than others? No worries, GGS offers Cloud SSD Hosting that’s blazing fast, providing you with your own dedicated environment.


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Hosting Your Website with Green Group Studio

At Green Group Studio, our in-house experts take care of everything from web hosting services to web development and design. No matter the size of your business or the stage that it is in, our web hosting services can help bring your company’s website to the next level, in a way that positively impacts the environment.

Personalized Support

At Green Group Studio, you’ll never have to jump through hoops in order to reach your designated hosting professional. We value our customers, and our goal is to provide them with a level of personalized support that can’t be found at larger companies that are solely profit-driven. Not only do our hosting clients receive a superb level of customized service, but our web hosting technicians are the best in South Florida. By assembling such a professional team, we don’t need low-scale customer support agents, so you’ll never have to wait for someone from the next level of support!

Powerful Servers

Have you ever found yourself stuck on a slow website waiting for a single page to load, eventually giving up and moving on to the next website? Our website hosting servers utilize advanced, powerful technologies that will make your website load faster, thereby improving your search engine rankings and keeping users on your website. Our servers are “supercharged” with the latest Intel Xeon processors, Redundancy Systems, and RAID 1 on all storage drives. Along with our server being ran on a top class infrastructure, our proprietary CDN system allows the delivery of your website on a global scale without delays.

Eco-Friendly Focus

At Green Group Studio, our primary focus is on providing our clients with high-end, environmentally friendly business solutions. Our data center is located in Canada and uses hybrid water cooling systems that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Our data center was also designed to eliminate the use of air conditioning, optimize air flow, and to achieve a record PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) index.


We use the most cutting-edge cybersecurity tactics to keep our servers secure from the threat of hackers. Our network has up to 400 Gbps DDOS Mitigation, along with strong firewalls in order to blacklist port scanners, Bruteforce attacks, and other malicious attempts to gain access to our servers.

Hosting Plans

Green Group Studio offers a variety of hosting packages, designed to fit individual business structures and budgets. To view our different hosting packages, visit greenetworking.com or click HERE.

Client Login

Already have a hosting account with Green Group Studio? Click HERE to access our client portal on greenetworking.com.

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