What makes us green?

At GGS, Green is more than a color or a gimmick - it's our mantra.  Here are a few of the green practices we have in place:


Green Web Hosting - We offer 130% wind powered web hosting to our clients. This means that the energy used by the computers that host our websites is paid for by carbon-offset credits at a rate of 130% in order to have a smaller carbon footprint

Paper Reduction Through Technology - We are big on going paperless! Our database-driven websites help our clients move closer to a paperless system. We develop websites that reduce paper use through many functions: online surveys & feedback forms, as well as online document repositories (a place to upload document packets for employees and clients to download).

Electronic Billing - All our bills are sent out as PDFs. We also offer online payments via ACH.

E-Newsletters - Not only are all of our announcements sent through e-blasts, but we also encourage our clients to engage their target market through focused online campaigns.

Sustainable Printing Practices - For all of our printing needs, we use sustainable paper - whether it is recycled, FSC or SFI certified paper. Our printers all use vegetable & soy-based inks. For our client's print needs, we also source out the same ecologically responsible printing practices.

Sustainable Self-Promotion - All of our promotional products - from notepads to pens and mouse pads are all made from recycled materials.

Eco-Lighting - Our office is primarily naturally illuminated through large windows, and all of our lamps use compact fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Efficient Equipment - Our Energy Star qualified computers utilize LED backlight monitors, power management software, and energy efficient battery backups. Our office fridge also shares the Energy Star sticker, while our file server hard drives are green certified.

Recycling Initiatives - Our office makes a concerted effort to recycle anything and everything that is eligible for recycling ("Wait! Don't throw away that plastic fork!"). We even take our recyclables off-site, as local recycling pickup is not available.

Wall-to-Wall Green - Our office walls are painted with zero VOC paint, creating a safe and healthy working environment.

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